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Pitch to your target audience!

Pitch to your target audience!


In 12 minutes on our show, you could change the lives of at least three people. You pitch your business, we market it to your target audience on our social media platforms AND in person events in our Homeschool classroom facility. There is someone in our network who has been waiting to learn about your business, they may not even know it exists yet. You can join our FREE community (El Barrio) on our website and self-promote to families, young people, and business owners in our global community! 


"I can't have every amazing business owner I know on my show, Millennial Talk 2.0: Multilingual Intergational Conversations because it would take nearly a lifetime to do that assuming I don't meet any new ones in the process. So, visualize the homeshopping network, for your business!" - Enesse


These will take place on Zoom, uploaded to our Social media platforms, and sent to our Barrio! And yes, it's a write off!


*Must be a member of our online community (Barrio) to participate. 


Basic - Zoom video recorded, clips posted 7x on social media (all together and different platforms depending on target audience, included in newsletter, go live together 4x/ year, rolling enrollment in this program!


Deluxe - All of Basic and a Blog post about your business!



Premium - All of Deluxe AND your product is featured on our virtual mall for a discounted rate!

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