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Brand Awareness Bundle

Brand Awareness Bundle


Visualize a high school and all of the different cliques! Enesse was the president of 7 of the 11 clubs she participated in; including being the lead football manager, playing basketball, wrestling, and being in the supernerd classes. This isn't high school, but Enesse realized that knowing multiple languages and having the ability to hang out with the chess kids, musicians, and the jocks became a superpower that allows her to continue growing a diverse community on her website and newsletter. She creates content for each target audience while pursuing her mission to create a world that diminishes some language barriers while becoming safer for all individuals. She decided to begin working with business owners who think similarly!


We promote your product, service, book, and brand like it is ours! We care about our image so we only partner with brands we believe are in alignment with our target audience! 


What do we bring to the table? 



Who is seated at the table?

Families, young adults, and businesses who are Black, Spanish-Speaking, Deaf, LGBT, Veterans, Blind, and/or more!



They need your product exposed to them because your company solves a unique problem they may or may not have been aware of -- that they were experiencing. 


How do we do increase your brand awareness?

Due to the multilingual intergenerational community members of our Barrio, the Vecinx, we help brands reach people who don't even speak their language!


1. Pitch your brand to our audience and get the content you need for your social media marketing. It will be featured on our social media and newsletter multiple times during the calendar year! 

2. We will do a blog post about it and your company! 

3. We will feature one product of your brand into our virtual marketplace with a direct link to purchase from your website! This will help them know that you exist as more than one product. We don't work with one hit wonders!

4. A short ad for your product will be embedded as a commercial into our content created for your specific target audience. 

5. You can add a bilingual (Premium) or trilingual (Deluxe) ad for an additional cost.





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