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Trilingual Stud T-Guide Shirts - Miércoles

Trilingual Stud T-Guide Shirts - Miércoles


Everyone benefits from effective communication skills. Families who learn new languages together, have stronger bonds, and more fun when traveling. There are many benefits to learning another language or two, but you have to practice often in order to be confident when communicating with the native language user. The shirt, remind families to practice daily, so that they can raise multilingual world improvers. 


The first trilingual stud T-guide shirts. First, I say the day of the week in Spanish with the phonetic spelling below. Then, see the day of week in French. Third, follow the directions to remember the American Sign Language Sign for the specific day of the week. 

Learning these languages are so easy, a baby can learn.

To see what adding multilingual aspect to your homeschool can do, check us out on YouTube. 

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The kids heavy cotton tee is perfect for everyday use. There are no seams along the sides. Made using ethically grown, harvested US cotton.

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