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About the International Homeschooling PTA (Parent Tariq Association)

Homeschooling parents often face the daunting task of providing a comprehensive education while ensuring their children don't miss out on the traditional school experiences. Our solution is an international homeschooling parent support group that offers events, conferences, meetings, and collaborations designed to enrich both parents' and children's lives.

"The world is our classroom" is a motto we live by as we raise world improvers and world travellers.

Do you homeschool as an excuse to travel more?

  • Yes, we love to travel

  • We stay in our local community, mostly

  • Haven't travelled much yet, but plan on it!

Many homeschooling parents are also entrepreneurs or content creators, balancing multiple roles to afford their chosen lifestyle. They make significant sacrifices to shape the future by raising well-rounded, responsible individuals. Our support group acknowledges these efforts and aims to facilitate their journey.

Dozens of country flags shown
Active International Support group for homeschooling parents

We provide a wide range of activities, including field days, proms, graduations, and yearbooks featuring families worldwide. Additionally, our clubs, committees, and a youth international council offer unique opportunities for both parents and children to connect, learn, and grow.

By fostering a supportive community, we are creating a village dedicated to raising future world improvers and problem solvers. We invite you to join us in this mission by supporting our initiatives and participating in our events. Together, we can ensure that homeschooling families thrive and that their children have every opportunity to succeed.

Homeschooling includes parents who 1) become the teachers, 2) outsource teachings from experts and, 3) traditionally educate their children, but are actively present when together. 

Parent who wants to join? 

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