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Custom Homeschool Curriculum for Toddlers

Custom Homeschool Curriculum for Toddlers


A little homeschool daily is better than none at all! Teaching parents how to raise multilingual kids is one thing. How do you start from birth? Our kid-friendly curriculum helps you to maximize on their educational goals from BIRTH! My daughter's custom curriculum is Afrocentric Multilingual and Montessori inspired. This curriculum will be updated annually to keep up with their growing brains! I just want to help more parents get started with homeschooling before school age. It is hard to keep them focused with access to screens being so readily available, that's why we take a hands-on multilingual WHOLE child approach. We even include screentime and potty training into curriculums! Customizing your curriculum needs and matchig them to your schedule has never been this easy. 

  • Custom curriculum inspiration

    When you transitioned into the real world did you ever think, "I wish they would have taught us this in school instead of ____."? We encourage learning beyond the traditional classroom subjects because we are raising world changers who solve BIG problems by breaking communication barriers. 

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