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The Microschool Classroom

The Microschool Classroom


Many homeschooling parents often say, "We're going to do your school, but let me finish cleaning (dishes, clothes, etc)" Unfortunately, this causes parents to miss out on the window of peak energetic engagement. :( , but lets turn this frown upside down!


During the playdates, parents can let their homeschooled children have a social experience with peers while learning multiple languages! During the playdates, parents are encouraged to take time for themselves to (nap, work effiencently, etc.)


The benefits to having a dedicated classroom area for your homeschool program include:

  • Structured Learning Environment:

    • Having a dedicated homeschool classroom helps establish a structured and focused learning environment for your child. This separation from other daily activities can enhance their ability to concentrate and engage with educational materials.
  • Routine and Consistency:

    • A designated space contributes to the establishment of a routine, helping your child develop a sense of consistency and discipline. Consistent routines are beneficial for learning and can improve time management skills.
  • Parental Productivity:

    • Renting the microschool classroom allows parents to schedule focused work or personal time while the child is engaged in learning with a unique trilingual youth instructor. This can be particularly valuable for parents who work from home or have other responsibilities.
  • Reduced Distractions:

    • This classroom space helps minimize distractions, creating a more conducive learning environment. This separation can improve your child's ability to stay focused on their studies without the disruptions of other household activities.
  • Promotes Independence:

    • A designated classroom space encourages independence in learning. It provides children with a sense of responsibility for their studies and creates an atmosphere that is conducive to self-directed fun-based learning.
  • Emotional and Psychological Benefits:

    • Having a dedicated learning space can positively impact the psychological and emotional well-being of both parents and children. It creates a clear boundary between learning and leisure, reducing stress and promoting a more positive attitude toward education.
  • Organization and Accessibility:

    • A separate classroom allows for better organization of educational materials, making it easier for both parents and children to find and access necessary resources. This contributes to a more efficient learning process. 
  • Socialization Opportunities:

    • While the primary focus is on learning, this designated homeschool space creates the opportunity for new playdates with other homeschooling families to provide social interaction for your child AND NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES FOR PARENTS.
  • Flexibility in Learning Styles:

    • We know that all people do not learn the same, that's why we use different tools to  teach the same topics and in different languages. It is essential to expose your child to the various ways to learn, in different locations. This gives them the opportunity to make the world their classroom!
  • Positive Associations with Learning:

    • Associating a specific space with learning can create positive associations for your child. It can make the learning experience more enjoyable and contribute to a sense of accomplishment.
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